Pista MX / 4x4 / SUV Area

1.600m long and 10m wide.


Circuit Parcmotor Motocross (MX), 4x4 and SUV track is a 1,600 meters long and 10 meters wide on a track with 12 jumps, 8 right turns and 11 left turns. The whole track is fitted with a watering system and offers a 4,000 m2 paddock catering to riders’ every need. If the speed circuit has two 'souls', the MX, 4x4 and SUV also offers multiple uses, from an off-road route for all those who want to test in real and natural conditions your SUV or 4X4 to a Motocross circuit for motorcycles, passing by a route for the little ones. The circuit is chosen for many brands to test their new models, present themselves in society or make test drives that improve the characteristics of their models. In addition, every Sunday, the MX circuit is open to all motorcycle lovers who want to enjoy the outdoors.

How can I train with my SUV?

How can I train with my SUV?

Faqs Circuit

What is the MX | 4x4 | SUV Track used for?
Just like the racetrack, the MX, 4×4 y SUV track has a whole host of uses. An Off-Road track for those who want to put their SUV to the test in real conditions in the great outdoors, an MX track so that you can fly with your bike, and a children’s circuit. The circuit has also been selected by many brands to test and fine-tune their new models as well as for official presentations. Circuit Parcmotor also organizes track days for bikers to enjoy the open air circuit.
What are the main differences between a MX track and a SUV track?
The MX and SUV circuits are the same, although it is lengthened or shortened depending on the needs of each client. This allows for a great variety of levels, difficulties and different possibilities, making the Off-Road circuit the best option to enjoy the sport.
How can I train with my SUV?
If you want to check the possibilities of your SUV, the Off-Road circuit is the best option you have to see the limits to which you can push your car. From renting the circuit with friends to signing up for 4×4 training days, vehicle rental and co-driving. If you like Off-Road, this is your circuit:
Surface 830.044m2
Track length 1.600m
Track width 10m
Jumps 12
Right turns 8
Left turns 11
Total paddock area 4.000m2 paved
Activities Rounds, talents, testing, 4 × 4 Events